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My approach and consultation style

My consultations are based on the Western astrological tradition, and reflect modern sensibilities. I believe that a consultation should be an empowering experience for the client. I discuss the horoscope with the client, rather than talking at them. The goal is to trigger recognition of meaning in the client. I believe that the client is the only person who can know what the horoscope truly means, and that the astrologer's job is to lead them to that state of awareness

It's important to point out that I do not see astrology as fatalistic. I do not believe that the planets cause us to be a particular way or that there is some sort of cosmic puppet-master pulling strings and making us hop this way or that. Instead I see astrology as a tool which can be used to illuminate the client's life. Astrology can be used to reveal more than is directly evident from using common sense and reason, and as such is a complement to rather than a substitute for rational analysis. It simply allows one to see more and further, which is why astrologers in the past were sometimes called 'seers'.

The consultations illuminate various areas of the client's life and generate a greater self-understanding. Their tone is practical and down to earth. They clarify situations which are currently uppermost in the client's thoughts. I do look at the future, but do not make specific predictions. Instead I discuss the types of issues which are likely to move center stage in the following year or so. Options and alternatives are discussed in order to optimally exploit what the future has to offer.

Each consultation has a life of its own - I do not approach interpretation in a formulaic way. While the bones of the chart are always discussed - in other words, the major patterns and themes - I am guided by the needs and interests of the client. I do not feel that there is such a thing as a 'complete' reading, only a helpful one. A successful consultation will bring a mixture of increased clarity, confirmation, relief and confidence to the client in relation to the life issues which are of concern.