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Ethical considerations

The ethical dimension of astrological practice is something I take very seriously. To a large extent, this conforms to standard ethical practices in other professional disciplines, such as maintaining a strict code of confidentiality and maintaining a truthful integrity.

Issues concerning health and death
Astrology carries with it ethical requirements which are particular to the discipline. As a consequence, I do not discuss matters of health, except in the most general of terms. This is because I am not medically qualified. I do not routinely discuss death unless referring to attitudes towards transformation processes, or to an actual physical death which has already occurred. Under exceptional circumstances, and with the permission of those involved, I may discuss timing of potential crisis points for those who are already considered terminally ill. I do not believe that the time of one's physical death is evident in the birth chart. This is because I don't believe one can distinguish that specific transformation from all the other possible forms which transformation and diffusion can take.

Empowering the client
Throughout the consultation, I am sensitive to the fact that many clients project power and authority onto myself as the astrologer. I try to hand this back to the client to some degree in order to keep things in proportion. At the same time I do not deny the responsibility which comes from assuming a position of authority in the eyes of the client. At all times, my guiding motive is to empower the client while at the same time being sensitive to their vulnerabilities.

My goal is to help clients make decisions for themselves, not to tell them what to do. I do not know what is going to happen in the future. This does not prevent the future from being meaningfully discussed.

I will not discuss the client's horoscope with another person or vice versa, unless both individuals are present or have given verbal or written permission for me to do so. This restriction includes discussing the horoscopes of sons and daughters with parents who are clients, unless the offspring are under the age of sixteen.