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Bye Bye Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia is soon to be consigned to history, if current political developments reach their desired conclusion. The astrology is pretty classical.

Article written on May 31st 2002, and sent to Urania website

The following news snippet appeared today (May 31st 2002)on the Irish Times website (

Parliament votes for 'death' of Yugoslavia
The Yugoslav parliament has voted in favour of a plan to abolish the Balkan federation and replace it with a looser union between its last two remaining members, Serbia and Montenegro.Lower house Speaker Dragoljub Micunovic said he expected the new draft constitution to be finished by the autumn. Yugoslavia would cease to exist when it is adopted.

According to Nick Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes, the London Yugoslavian Embassy in 1991 considered that the correct date for the foundation of Yugoslavia was December 1st 1918. In the absence of better details, Campion includes a horoscope set for 12:00pm in Belgrade on this day.

It is noteworthy that in , Saturn lies at 28Le11.

Uranus is at 28Aq50, directly opposite. This is of course consistent with a structural change of one form or another which impacts upon the entity created on December 1st 1918. The fact that Yugoslavia as a concept is in the process of being wrapped up may not be disconnected astrologically from the recent completion of one full Uranus cycle of 84 years since that date. At the time of Yugoslavia's foundation, Uranus occupied the 25th degree of Aquarius.In resonance with this is the completion of a half cycle of Neptune's orbit. Now at 10Aq53, on December 1st 1918 Neptune was at 9Le13. Also, the mean lunar North Node lies at 13 Gemini in that chart, which means it has been visited by both Pluto and Saturn in recent times.

As the final phase of the Uranus transit to Saturn does not occur until next January/February, I would guess that the final form of the new constitution will not be ready this coming autumn, and its acceptance will be delayed until early next year.The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, comprising Serbia and Montenegro, is all that is left of the original country. Since the fall of Communism up until quite recently, the story has been one of secession and war in the region. The current changes are designed to dilute the desire or need for Montenegro to pursue a policy of achieving a fully independent status.

Addendum: As predicted, the final form of the constitution and its acceptance was in fact delayed until February 4th 2003.

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