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Mundane astrology articles

This page contains descriptions and links to articles I have written on mundane astrology topics. In other words, articles on the astrology of nations, politics and current affairs.

The Observer Observed parts 1 - 3
This was written in 2001 and originally published at the Astro*Talk Online magazine site. It grew out of discussions on the ACT list about the nature of national horoscopes, and particularly the question of whether or not there is such a thing as a single all encompassing national horoscope. The three part article is a major piece of work.

Part 1
In this I question the validity and logic of the concept of a nation state being described by a single horoscope. The role of the astrologer in determining the form his or her astrology takes is discussed. This leads on to a broader point about the cultural grounding of astrology and astrologers, and how this might underlie the tendency for astrologers to consider mundane topics in the light of natal astrology perspectives and techniques. Reference is made to the work and ideas of Nick Campion and Geoffrey Cornelius.   view

Part 2
The discussion is extended further with considerations of the differences between natural and judicial astrology. Mundane astrology was originally non-horoscopic in nature and was akin to natural astrology. The encroachment of judicial astrology techniques into mundane work happened in the 20th century. I introduce a movie analogy and the notion of 'families of charts' which constitute a unity for a particular nation. I also emphasise the process orientation of mundane astrology, and use another analogy of the vortex to describe horoscope in 'process-structure' terms (this is expanded in Part 3). I introduce a lunar eclipse horoscope which has proven to be important for the astrological elaboration of Irish history, but whose use flies in the face of the conventional wisdom of astrology.   view

Part 3
This contains an extended discussion of my exploration of Irish national horoscopes. It demonstrates how key horoscopes for turning points in 20th century Irish history are linked to a foundational chart for Irish Republicanism from 1791. I introduce a new concept of 'structural coupling', which is a simple way of describing and visualising the relationships between horoscopes which constitute a family of national charts. The structural coupling between Irish charts and the 1801 Act of Union horoscope (the horoscope for the UK) is explored in some detail, and discussed in terms of its relevance for contemporary political dynamics between Ireland and the UK, and for the UK itself. A focal point in this respect is Northern Ireland, which is the residual political expression of the structural coupling between the two horoscopes. Lastly, I consider the three main candidates for Irish national chart status and describe what I think each represents.   view

School massacre at Erfurt, Germany
Some astrological material relating to the shooting dead of 18 people at a school in Germany on April 26th 2002 is briefly described. Mars and Saturn were very much to the fore at the time of the event. Of particular note is the exact square between Uranus and the Ascendant / Midheaven midpoint during the shooting. This article was first published on the Urania website on April 26th 2002, the day of the massacre.   view

Horoscope for the Republic of Iraq
This is the first article that I wrote about the Iraq situation which was brewing to boiling point during the second half of 2002. The US-led invasion happened on March 20th 2003, six months after this was written. The focus is on the horoscope for the foundation of the Republic of Iraq, one of the national charts that could be significant for following how the drama would unfold. The predictive statements made were not wrong. The article was first published on the Urania website on September 14th 2002.   view

Bye Bye Yugoslavia
A short article about the decision made by the Yugoslav parliament in 2002 to abolish the Balkan federation. The astrological pictures in play at the time are classical. As predicted on the basis of the astrology, the 'death of Yugoslavia' was delayed from the originally proposed time frame in autumn until February 4th 2003. The article was written on May 31st 2002, and sent to Urania website.    view

Structural Coupling in Horoscopes for Iran