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Cyril Fagan 1896 - 1970

11k jpg - photo of Cyril Fagan holding a camera

Cyril Fagan - photo given to James Dreis by Pauline Fagan after Cyril's death. Acquired by Kay Cavender, who very kindly sent a copy to me.

Cyril Fagan is pre-eminent among Irish astrologers as well as being one of the most significant contributors to astrology during the 20th century. The purpose of this section of the site is to act as a repository for any material relating to his life and work.

A Brief Overview of the Astrological Work of Cyril Fagan by Ken Bowser
This essay was first published in the Irish Astrological Association's journal Réalta, Vol 3 no.3, in 1996. Ken Bowser is a leading proponent of the sidereally based astrology which lies at the heart of Cyril Fagan's body of work. Ken is based in the USA and has a BA in Ancient History. His articles have been published in The Siderealist, The Mountain Astrologer and American Astrology magazine.
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Patrick Joseph Fagan
Some brief biographical details of Cyril Fagan's father. The contents include a photographic portrait, and a couple of obituaries, as well as other personal information.
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Cyril Fagan's birthplace
Some photographs of Cyril Fagan's birthplace, his first school, and the house he moved to after the death of his father in 1910. Fagan's account of the fire which broke out in this second home is included, along with that of the local evening paper. There are 5 graphic images included which range from 33Kb - 72Kb in size.
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Cyril Fagan's birth certificate
A copy of Cyril Fagan's long form birth certificate provided and authenticated by the Birth Registry in Dublin. It will open in a separate window.

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