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Spring Astrology workshops - April-May 2010

This Spring I will be running five one-day workshops to be held on Saturdays in my office at 10a Lower Camden St. Dublin. Each workshop will run from 10am-5pm and be limited to 10 participants. Extensive workshop notes will be provided.

The first workshop will cover planetary transits, and is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of astrological symbolism. The four subsequent workshops will provide an in-depth look at the symbolism for the Sun, Moon and planets. These are suitable for beginners and intermediate level students. Each of the four workshops is 'self-contained'. In other words, there is no need or requirement to attend all four in order to make the most of any one workshop. There are however discounts available for those who wish to attend any four or all five of the workshops.

Here is the list of dates. Clicking on the workshop topics will take you to a page which contains descriptions of the material which each will be covering.

The fee for each individual workshop is 50 euro. Those who wish to attend all five workshops can avail of a 20% discount (total cost 200 euro). There is a 10% discount for those who choose to attend any four of the five workshops (total cost 180 euro).

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Workshop contents

Planetary Transits - April 10th
The basis of predictive astrology is the assumption that there is a correspondence between astrological processes and life processes. In this workshop we will be looking at the most common technique used for making predictions, planetary transits to natal horoscopes. In essence this involves looking at the where the planetary symbols are for a given period in relation to where they were at birth. Some examples will be used from the public domain, but the main focus of attention will be the horoscopes of the workshop participants. One of the quickest ways of getting a handle on the nature of astrological processes is to follow them in relation to the unfolding of one's own life.

Astrological prediction is not fatalistic in nature, and does not assume that the future of a person's life is or can be mapped out in advance. Symbols don't cause anything to happen. They point towards possibilities in the mind of the interpreter, who has to take into account the contextual circumstances to which the symbolism is being referred. Among other things, the workshop will discuss realistic expectations regarding astrological predictions, pitfalls to avoid when making them, and tips for optimising the possibility of making useful predictive statements.

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The Sun, Moon and Mercury - April 17th
On a psychological level, the Sun gives an insight into an individual's potential self-awareness, conscious behaviour and style of self-expression. The Moon reveals potential inner emotional life, needs and how these inform subconscious behaviour and reactions. Mercury indicates something about one's mental nature - how one thinks, reasons, and so on - and also how one communicates with others.

None of these aspects of an individual operate in isolation from each other. For example, the way we communicate (Mercury) is an aspect of our self-expression (Sun) but also requires listening, which is a receptive response (Moon) to another person. Thinking (Mercury) involves inner reflection and often the recall from memory of past experiences (Moon), but the generation of ideas is a creative act (Sun).

Between them these symbols illuminate the basic dynamics operating through the interface between an individual and his or her environment. They are the keys to tuning in to the core of an individual's character. In the workshop, this theme, and each of the symbols themselves, will be explored in some depth.

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Venus and Mars - May 1st
These two symbols form a pair of complementary principles, and usually are found close together in one manifestation or another. Pleasure and desire; love and sex; giving and taking; pulling and pushing; peace and war. They are the key symbols involved in understanding relationship dynamics, but also illuminate personal qualities whether or not one is involved in an important partnership. Although during the workshop we will be discussing the importance of these two symbols in relationship experiences, a focus will also be placed on exploring how the integration of the Venus and Mars principles have a bearing on the cultivation of self-esteem (Sun) and the fulfilment of personal needs (Moon).

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Jupiter and Saturn - May 8th
The planetary symbols out to and including Mars are particularly associated with illuminating personal qualities and characteristics. In this workshop we will be discussing Jupiter and Saturn, a pair of complementary principles whose symbolism extends beyond the personal level into the collective social realm. As individuals, we are all part of a larger community with established conventions which serve to maintain organisation and set codes of behaviour. Jupiter and Saturn in an individual's horoscope, particularly in terms of zodiac signs and houses, reveal a lot about how one is likely to resonate with such conventions. Issues such as morality, justice, ethics, and beliefs (Jupiter) are coupled to laws, traditional social structures and dogma (Saturn).

Aspects from Jupiter and Saturn to the personal planets, or for that matter between the two symbols themselves, highlight the relationship one has with a spectrum of possibilities defined by their complementary but opposing natures. Jupiter emphasises expansion, enthusiasm, optimism and hope. Its shadow is associated with not knowing when to stop, excessive 'over the top' reactions, and gullibility or unrealistic expectations. On the other hand, Saturn emphasises limits, measured or grounded responses, and a pragmatic sense of realistic possibilities. More negatively, it is associated with inhibiting fears (being afraid to start), dampened or absent enthusiasm, and pessimism.

In this workshop we will be exploring how successful navigation between the two poles of the Jupiter-Saturn spectrum is reflected in the cultivation of management skills which contribute to a sense of meaningful progress as one makes one's way through life.

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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - May 29th
The planets beyond Saturn are the source for modern additions to the lexicon of astrological symbols. In this workshop we will explore the derivation of their meanings as symbols, and how these can be understood by considering the opposing but complementary relationship each has with Saturn symbolism.

In modern industrialised societies, life moves very fast. The constant emergence of novelty challenges the maintenance of static structures and traditions (Saturn) which in the past conferred a sense of potential permanence and therefore security. Today, relying on permanent and fixed structures to generate a sense of security or to support personal life processes is increasingly less likely to achieve those goals. Today, security is tied to adaptability, not fixity.

In order to function effectively in a fluid and ever-changing environment, one has to be able to integrate the principles of reform, dissolution and transformation associated with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolism. The worldly wisdom which can be cultivated through learning from Saturnian experience ironically entails embracing impermanence. The permanent marriage, the permanent job, the permanent home - however desirable they may be - are increasingly difficult to manifest or maintain.

The positions of the outer planets in the horoscope, and their aspects to other symbols, give an indication of how comfortable an individual will be when faced with these facts of modern living, and what kind of challenges are likely to be met when attempting to maintain a sense of stability or equilibrium in various areas of life.

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